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DP-34 VideoPath Dish Pro 3x4 Multi-Dish Switch

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DISH Network DP-34 VideoPath Dish Pro 3x4 Multi-Dish Switch (DP34) 107107

Works with Dish 300 and Dish 500 satellite systems. Can be used to cascade additional DP34 multiswitches for more receiver outputs. Can only be used with DishPro LNBFs.

 The first switch in the new DishPro Technology series of LNBFs and switches 
• Three satellite inputs for use with up to three orbital locations  
• Four outputs for connection to up to four DISH Network satellite receivers 
• Does not require power insertion / power supply 
• Can be used indoors or outdoors 
• Switch has 3 trunk outputs for cascading to an additional DP34 switch for more outputs 






Additional Information
Can only be used with DishPro LNBFs (DishPro Twin LNBF for two orbital locations (110° and 119°), DishPro Twin LNBF with a DishPro Single LNBF for three orbital locations or up to three DishPro Single LNBFs).
When used with a DishPro Twin, the LNBF operates in its default state: one port provides 110° and one port provides 119°. Either port of the DishPro Twin can be connected to any two LNBF ports of the DP34 Switch. Tuner Outputs: Dish301 and DishPVR 501 have one tuner, and would use one DP34 tuner output; DishPVR 721 has two tuners, and would use two DP34 tuner outputs.
Up to three DP34 Switches can be "trunked" together, for connection to up to twelve tuner inputs (12 single-tuner receivers (Dish301 or DishPVR 501), or a combination of single-tuner receivers and two-tuner receivers (DishPVR 721)). There must be at least one DishPro receiver (Dish301, DishPVR 501, DishPVR 721) connected to the switch at all times to provide power.
The receiver can be connected to any receiver port on the DP34 Switch.
DishPro Installations can support up to 200 RG-6 cable lengths, from the LNBFs to the furthest receiver.
DP34 Switches can be placed anywhere in the installation, but placement closer to the receivers is recommended.

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