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  1. USB ISO 7816 Smart Card Programmer 3.68 MHZ


    Product Description

    The best ISO programmer ever made. This unit is hard to find so don't miss your chance. Item condition is new.

    The Precision USB Turbo Max is an ISO 7816 Smart Card Interface. It is based on the FTDI USB to Serial chip. It installs as a USB high speed serial converter and virtual com port. Drivers are provide for Donwload. All power is derived from the USB, No External Power Supply is required. Once installed the USB-TM allows communication with the inserted smart card via standard com port protocols. This makes it ideal for computers that do not have a physical com port, only USB. In order to avoid USB data transfer latency issues the minumum hardware recommended is an Intel P4 1GHz or equivalent system. Available with 3.686 MHZ clock frequencies.


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  2. Nexus Max Blu 4619 New Atmel 2313 -Trim pot and diode install

    Product Description

    Unlocker Nexus Max 4619 fhast loader onlocker, testing divice

    Nexus Unlocker - Atmel 2313 Chipset.
    - Trim pot and diode installed.
    - Serial port connectivity
    AC Adapter & Cable is NOT Included (9-12V DC 300MA required. SWITCHES - 1 and 6 to flash and 2 and 5 to run.

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2 Item(s)

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