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  1. Buscador satelital pantalla LCD con brujula integrada

    Buscador de Satélite SF-500 digital para DVB-S2 y DVB-S. Esta es una poderosa herramienta para DVB-S/DVB-S2, es digital y se puede programar en la frecuencia LNB / LNBF LO, junto con su frecuencia del transpondedor, que son capaces de verificar la recepción de señal 100% de las veces. La pantalla es muy fácil de ver, incluso con luz solar directa y las letras que se muestran son muy grandes a diferencia de cualquier otro buscadores de satélites en el mercado.

     Viene con satélites pre-programados. Usted puede programar y guardar una lista de transpondedor completo para que no falte a ninguna. Además de los satélites preprogramados. Todo se hace a través de los botones de control del buscador satelital. Todas las opciones se pueden editar usando los seis botones grandes en la parte frontal del medidor.

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  2. VDV MULTIMEDIA Comprobador de Cable Multimedia para Voz, Datos y Video

    VDV MULTIMEDIA Comprobador de Cable Multimedia para Voz, Datos y Video


    • Comprobador integral de cables de voz, datos y vídeo.
    • Diseñado para realizar pruebas en entornos residenciales y comerciales.
    • Admite RJ11/12, RJ45, y cableados e interfaces de conectores-F para cable coaxial.
    • Visor LCD de fácil lectura con indicadores PASS/Miswire (APROBADO/Cableado defectuoso), diagrama de cableado y modos de detección/solución de fallas.
    • La función multitono admite rastreado de cables y aislamiento de fallas.
    • Cómodo almacenamiento interno para funciones remotas.



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  3. Digital Read-out Satellite Finder SF007

    In this digital era, the SF007 is an industry first digital satellite finder to come on the market. Much more accurate than any other meter in its class, the SF007 is a professional instrument with a consumer price tag. Now, customers can have a professional digital satellite finder with professional performance & results, without spending an arm and a leg to purchase a bulky and expensive meter.

    The SF007 has a blue back light to allow use at night. The signal meter never needs to be recalibrated nor does it need complicated programming. It automatically recognizes the LNBF frequency and works with any C band, Ku band, or Ka band satellite. No need to input transponder frequency, symbol rate, or polarity. This meter is truly plug & play.

    Are you a professional installer who does not want to spend a few hundred dollars on a satellite meter? This truly is the meter for you. Don't spend hours messing with the old technology analog signal meters and upgrade yourself to a new SF007.

    *1 x Satellite finder
    *1 x Instruction manual

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  4. Compas degree north south east west NE NW SE SW

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    Small accurate compass features black body with white markings and clear top. Lightweight plastic compass is nicely made and features red North pointer and degree markings. Size about 1.5"Dia. x 0.40"Thick. Great for hikes, camping, navigating and making sensitive galvanometers
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  5. Liquid Filled Brass Compass Engineer style

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    Liquid Filled Brass Compass As pictured. Engineer style, most famous of the army compasses. Not only great for your satellite dish but great for hiking and traveling. Whether your aiming a satellite dish, hiking through the woods, or letting your kids have some fun finding the national treasure with a map you drew up. This is the perfect compass for you or your kids
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  6. Level Magnetic 360 degree plum

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    Level, Magnetic 360 degree plum This level is Bi-directional, liquid filled, lightweight, magnetic, and convenient!
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  7. Modular Crimper for Red Cable Cat5

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    Modular Crimper for red cable for Cat5
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